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Title [Conference] International Symposium on Legal Clinic
Date 2011.11.07 14:58 Read 1145

International Symposium on Legal Clinic

Inha Law School(Dean, Lee Ki-Wu), Institute of Legal Studies(Director, Lee Kyeong-Ju), Legal Clinic Center(Director, Kim In-Hoe) and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Law School(Dean, Park Young-Bok), Legal Clinic Center(Director Chung So-Min) are held "International Symposium on Legal Clinic" with Japan Clinical Legal Education Association, Waseda University Institute of Clinical Legal Education, Research Group of Clinical Legal Education Funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science on November 4th. in the International conference Room, Jungseok Library Building, Inha University(Incheon, Korea)   

This symposium was planed to exchange the experience and prospect of participants who came from other countries with the topic that was Law School Clinical Legal Education.

 Opening ceremony was proceeded that after congratulatory address by Lee Bon-Su, the president of Inha University, Shigeo Miyagawa who is a professor of Waseda University Law School, delivered keynote speech titled "Developments and Challenges of Clinical Legal Education in Japan".

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