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Title [Forum] Call for Applications for "The First INHA University International Forum"
Date 2012.04.06 10:37 Read 1945
Call for Applications for "The First INHA University International Forum"
The Institute of Legal Studies, INHA University will hold The First INHA International Forum. The Forum would play a role as a place for discussing about the current legal issues of the Global Intellectual Property, and also, it would contribute to develop an applicable model in changing international environment. So, we would like to cordially invite professionals or scholars who want to contribute in this Forum. Please apply to this Forum if you are looking for an opportunity to share your views and opinions to the world.
General Information
- Topic: Global Trends and Tasks of Intellectual Property Rights
- Dates: October 24, 2012
- Venue: Songdo Sheraton Incheon Hotel, Korea(http://www.sheratonincheon.com)
(Address: 6-9, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea)
- Host: School of Law & Institute of Legal Studies, INHA University
Qualification of Applicants
- Target: Professionals of Intellectual Property areas
- Topics are as :
- The Intellectual Property Protection of the Genetic Resources and the Traditional
- Fair Use of the Copyrighted Works
- The Intellectual Property Rights for Infringement Goods and the Clearance System
- The Protection Plan for Infringement of Intelligent Property Rights with New Goods
 (Smart Phones, 3D TV, etc) entered.
- Free Topics about the International Trends and Issues of Intellectual Property Rights
Application Period: May 1 ~ May 31, 2012
How to Apply: by e-mail(with attached application form),
Expenses Covered: Cost of accommodation(2 days), food(3days), (exclude air ticket)
We will pay for presentation fee.
Forum Schedule
- 2012.5.1~5.31 Participation
- 2012.6.1~6.30 Review
- 2012.7.1~9.30 Submission of papers
- 2012.10.24 Seminar
Introduction of the Institute of Legal Studies, INHA University
The Institute of Legal Studies, INHA University is training professionals who will contribute to promote the developments of the Intellectual Property Law(the IPL) and innovate technical & industrial spheres for making characteristics of the IPL.
For this, we were operating the Department of Industrial Property in the INHA Law School that had been established in Feb. 2000. In addition, we created a The INHA Intellectual Property Research & Education Business Teamto train professionals of intellectual property, to train international professionals of high-tech areas, to promote usage of intellectual property and to intensify research ability regarding the intellectual property law.
Moreover, we set up the research center named Intellectual Property Rights & Industrial Technology Law Centerin the INHA Legal Institute to implement concrete process of the business and the results based on our vision. This center has become a reservoir of knowledge on the market trends and issues of intellectual property area through sharing knowledge many experts of the areas in domestic and foreign countries, then hosting international seminars related to the technical & legal issues of the areas. As the results of those activities, INHA Legal Institute is publishing a journal Intellectual Property and Industryannually.
If you want to know more, please see our website.
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