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Title [Logistics and Law] Vol. 4
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Vol. 4, November 2012

GUO Ping : A Study on Multimodal Transportation under Chinese Legal System
Wang Xiaoyi : Exploration on Development of Liability Insurance for Shipping and Logistics in China
Li Hai-yan : Institutional Consideration on the Inefficient Agricultural Supply Chain in China
Fanjia Fang : Conflicts and Solutions of Right-Duty Relations between the Subjects in Movables Mortgage with Logistics Supervision
Zhou Qiang : Wet Multimodal Transport - the combination between Rotterdam Rules and multimodal transport -
Yun Juhee : A Study on The Problems and Improvements of Treating the Personal Data of Delivery Service in the Electronic Commerce
Jung Wooyoung : A Study on The Liability of Multimodal Transport Operator for Cargo Damages under the Commercial Code amended in 2007

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