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Title [Logistics and Law] Vol. 5
Date 2014.03.24 10:48 Read 361

Vol. 5, November 2013

WANG Lan : Regulation and Reformthe Development and Modernization of China’s Logistics Law
CAI Qinghui / Yanzhong Chen : Litigating a Case on Delivery of Goods without Presentation of Original Bill of Lading in China: Recent Developments
Yanqiu MA : China’s Legal system on Logistics- Focused on the Civil Liability of Multimodal Transport Operators and Terminal Operators
PHAN Thi Thanh Thuy : The development of Law on Logistics in the emergent market economy in Vietnam
NGUYEN Lan Nguyen : Some New Aspects in Regulations of Logistics in Vietnam before Globalization Trend
TITIRIGA Remus : Transport & Logistics Developments in the EU: the case of e-Freight Initiative
Battogtokh Javzandolgor : Mongolian logistics development

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