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Inha University has launched leading role in industrialization and modernization of the Republic of Korea Institute of Technology in 1954, has produced the talents to. South Korea to developed countries, aiming at a time when technological development and social infrastructure to support his argument is also equipped there an age requirement.
Inha University in order to live up to it is seeking joint growth of human sciences and social sciences. Law school is this based on the zeitgeist, cut and set sail.
The globalized knowledge the legal profession in the information society workers over the roles of traditional litigation and social infrastructure renovation and change in the management of a piece of legislation that to pursueRequired to breaking new ground. Future of national and international law school, cut it open with the goal of the training of creative lawyers to go. Law school is lower following goals.

First, the global logistics company, Hanjin Group full backing of the logistics to be the center of law.
Law school is located lower growth engine of the Korea at Incheon is the young, urban development. Incheon Free Economic Zone, port of Incheon, Incheon International Airport achieve, as well as global logistics hub of Northeast Asia.

Second, a social infrastructure of the information society knowledge and to nurture experts in the field of intellectual property rights. Inha Univ., long before the launch of law schools ran the department for intellectual property rights in law school conducted research on intellectual property rights. 21, and bk So this great combine the practice of study and professor in the field of active research and lectures have you been doing. Incheon Songdo's industrial high-tech industry is intellectual property requires the Legal Profession in the complex.

Third, engineers learn how to lead the 21st century leader, not a simple law and capacity to equip them with emphasis. Employs the amount of affection for grasp of the law impartially human only trusted advisors to help with character. To this end, the high moral repute professors is trying the quality of the legal profession in hand. Fourth, be sensitive to law school students studies and life, cut. A separate proofread student works. To this end, the possible a small group conducted courses on leadership through the correct material of matching the level of student. International logistics company, Hanjin Group supports it and play an active part in Incheon, Korea's growth engine, dropped to law school, honing the character and capabilities of the map,Let's go make a difference in the world, the nation, the community. Let's try.

Hye Wook, Won
Dean, Inha University School of Law

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