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   The Intellectual Property Rights & Industrial Technology Law Center
   The Logistics Law Center
   The Public Interest & Human Rights Law Center
   The International Ocean Law Center
   The Center for Free Economic Zone Acts
   The Consumer Law Center
   The Center for Legal Teaching & Learning
   The Legal Counseling Center
   Peace and Law Center
   The Center for China Law
Year Academic Events
2009 The Public Interest & Human Rights Law Center Forum
10th Incheon District Professor-Prosecutor Practice Research Association
A regular Symposium by Graduate School Dep. of Law
Symposium by International Economic Law association of Korea
1st The Consumer Law Center Forum
2nd The Consumer Law Center Forum
3rd The Consumer Law Center Forum
Syposium on The Logistics Law 2009
11th Incheon District Professor-Prosecutor Practice Research Association
3th International Symposium by Chuo Law School and Inha Law School
1st Symposium by Ajou Law School and Inha Law School
2010 3rd International Symposium By Niigata Law School and Inha Law School
Symposium by Korean Society of Labor Law
1st Symposium for Open Commemoration of Inha Law School
Symposium by Korean Academy of Probation and ParoleServices
Spring Symposium by Civil Proceedings Act Association
2st Symposium by Ajou Law School and Inha Law School
Symposium by Democratic Legal Studies Association
4th International Symposium By Niigata Law School and Inha Law School
Precedent Colloquium on Criminal Law
Precedent Colloquium on Labor Law
Symposium on the Ocean Law and the Logistics Law
Forum for Commemoration of Prof. Yoon's retirement
Precedent Colloquium on Intellectual Property Law
The Intellectual Property Rights & Industrial Technology Law Center Forum
12th Incheon District Professor-Prosecutor Practice Research Association
2010 International Conference on the Legal Issues of Peace Regime in the Korean Peninsula
2011 The present Status and Issues of Intellectual Property Rights
A Study on the Fundamental Rights
New Prospect of Intellectual Property Rights
A Basic Study on the Civil Procedure Law
Logistics Law(Sea⋅Transportation⋅International Transaction)
Reform, Opening and Legislation(with the issue of amending the constitution mainly)
Review on the Arrangement Plan of Regulation related to Adult Guardianship
Human rights singing Hope
Research Trend and Priority Subject of Civil Legislation
Clinical Legal Education(Present Situation and Prospect)
A Study of Reign Organization
A Study of Social Security Act
Citizenship Equality in the Latter Era of the Choson Dynasty
What the National Human Rights Commission left?
Recent Practice relation to Intellectual Property Rights and Trend of Theory
Development of the Adult Guardianship Law and Its Issues in East Asia
Year Special Lecture
2009 Kim, Pyung-woo (Attorney, Korean Bar Association President) The Role and Mission of the Legal Profession in Law School age
Lee, Kong-hyun (Justice, Constitutional Court) The Rule of Law in the 21st century
Kang, Il-won (Judge, Supreme Court's judicial policy office) The Prospect of Law School and Attitude of Lawyer
Song, Sang-kyo (Attorney, Minbyun Undersecretary-General) The Work of Human Rights Lawyer
Kim, Yong-deok (Judge, Supreme Court's judicial policy office) The Condition and Interpretation of a Legal Act
Choi, Eun-bae (Chief Judge, the Incheon District Court) Revoking Fraudulent Actions
Lee, Dong-geun (Chief Judge, the Incheon District Court) Surface Right based on the relation of Legal Principles and Lawyering
Lee, In-hyeong (Chief Judge, the Incheon District Court) Parental Right and Custody
Jang, Seong-won (Chief Judge, the Seoul High Court) The Extinction of Debenture
Kim, Chil-jun (Attorney, the former Secretary-General of NHRCK) International Human Rights Mechanism and Situations of Korean Human Rights Institutions and HR
Son, Ji-ho (Chief Judge, the Incheon District Court) The Obligee Subrogation
Yune, Jin-su (Professor, Seoul Nat. Univ.) A Leading Case in Civil Law
Kwon, Soon-il (Chief Judge, the Seoul High Court) Regal problems in Administrative Law
Yoo, Byung-il (Attorney, Incheon District Bar Association) Earnest Money
Ham, Sang-hoon (Judge, the Incheon District Court) The Key Issues in Malpractice Suit
Lee, Duck-mo (Attorney, Incheon District Bar Association) The Overview of Chinese Arbitration Law
2010 Ko, Eun-seok (Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice) Constitutional Complaint and Special Act on Asset Confiscation for Pro-Japanese and Anti-National Collaborators to the State
Bae, Joon-seok (The Bank of Korea) Roles and functions of the Central Banks in Finance Market
Kim, Kook-Hyun (Attorney, Kasan IP&Law Firm) The Present Status for the Industry of Intellectual Property and the Vision of a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property
Lee, Hyung-jae (President, Incheon District Probation Office) The Theory of the Probation and Parole System
Kwon, Byung-Kyu (Attorney, Member of NewYork Bar) The Place of Commerce Negotiations on the Viewpoint of Attorney
Choi, Yoon-soo (Professor, Univ. of Seoul) The Concept of Space-Information and the issue of Maritime Sphere
Kim, In-hoe (Professor, Inha Univ.) Legal Ethics
Im Yoo-kyung (Prosecutor, Incheon District Prosecutor's Office) Criminal Liability for Illegal Performances with ATM Using a Credit Card(Cash Card)
Jun Jong-won (Attorney, Cho&Lee Law Corporation) Internet Real-Name System and Adjudication on the constitutionality of statutes
Hwang Yong-sik (Former Ambassador of Korea to Taiwan) The Problem of Territorial Sovereignty over Islands and International Law
Cho, Sang-Hoon (Professor, Hallym Univ./ Former Ambassador of Korea to Australia) International Law and Korea
Choi, Gap-seon (Constitutional Research Officer) The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Adjudication
Ji, Cheon-sam (Korea Exchange) Korea Exchange, the Management of Capital Market and the Structure of Finance Market
Bae, Kyung-hee (Executive Director of Pearl S. Buck Foundation Korea) Pearl S. Buck Foundation and Multicultural Society
Yoon, Jong-soo (Chief Judge, the Incheon District Court) Copyright in Age of Social Network and Smartphone
Kim, Won-il (Attorney, Yoon&Yang LLC) The Changing Process and a Case Study of Lawsuits for Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights
Park, Ju-min (Attorney, Hankyul Law Firm) The Law on Assembly and Demonstration and Freedom of Assembly
Ha, Jong-kang (Manager of the Hanul Labor Institute) The Labor Problem and the Labor Movement in Korea
Kim Hyun (Attorney, Seoul Bar Association President) The Establishment of Law-Abiding System toward Advanced Law-governed Country
2011 Frank Bohn (DAAD Exchange Professor, Korea University Law School)

The  Foundation and Development of the European Union and the Lisbon Process

Kim Hyun Young (Manager of Foreign Policy Department, Korea Ocean Research&Development Institute)

The Present Status of International Cooperation on Marine Sciences and  The Response Strategy

Choi Byung Gu (Former Ambassador of Norway)

Diplomacy & International Law

Lee Hei Un (Professor, Handong University)

Freedom  of Religion in International Law

Jang Seo Yeon(Attorney, Law Firm Gong-gam)

The Constitutional Petition against Eviction of Illegal Residency Foreigner

Choi Jung (Patent Attorney, Crown & Rights IP Law Firm)

The Present Status on Protection  of Intellectual Property Rights in China and  Implications

Kang Sung Tae (Professor, Hanyang University)

Preparation of Labor Law for Bar Examination

Kim Chul Hei (Labor Attorney, Labor Firm Cham-teu)

Legal Issues on Non-Regular Work on Part-time Employment, Fixed-Term Employment and etc.

Lee Jae Seung (Professor, Kunkuk University ⋅Lim Jae Sung, Doctoral Course of Seoul Nat. Univ.)

A Study on the Conscience Objection and Alternative Service

Jand Jung Un (Attorney, Public Defender of Incheon Distric Court)

The Roll and Attitude of a Public Defender on Criminal Case

Won Jae Cheon (Director of Education of National Human Rights Commission)

Tools  for Promoting North Korean Human Rights Under International Law: Sanctions or  Engagement

So Ra Mi (Attorney, Law Firm Gong-Gam) The Reality and Legal Issues of Human Rights for the Female Marriage Immigrants
Choi Eun Bae (Presiding Judge of Incheon District Court, Assistant Administrator of Practical Research Group of Labor Law in Supreme Court)

Practical Issue on the Labor Law

Kim Mun Sook (Professor, Law Department of Konan University)

Accepting and Enforcing Overseas Rullings

Lee Kang Hoon (Attorney, Law Firm Duck Soo)

The  Defamation Case of Sin San Chul regard to the Cheonan Incident

Ryu Jae Sung (Vice Secretary-General of Minbyun)

Unlawful Worker Dispatching and Direct Liability of Employer

Lee Su  Whan (Attorney, Patent Attorney, former Presiding Judge of Patent Court, Research Judge of Supreme Court)

Qualification and Prospect of Intellectual Property Attorney

Shin Dong Mi (Attorney, Law Firm DuckSu)

The Criminal Case of  Yongsan Disaster

Yun Young Whan (Attorney, Law Firm Duck Su)

The Case of Song Du Youl

Kim Sun Su (Attorney, Chairman of Minbyun

Living as a Human Rights & Labor Attorney in Korea

Yun Chun Woo (Attorney, Lar Firm Duck Su)

The Criminal Case of 「PD Diary」's Mad Cow Disease Reports

Nam Sang Bong (Attorney, Law Firm Myung Mun)

The Reality and Legal Countermeasure of Industrial Secret Information Outflow

Mock Jin Yong (Director of Policy Research Division, Korea Marintime Institute)

Legal Issue of Sea Oil Pollution

Ha In Ho (Teacher, Incheon girls´ Commercial High School)

The Actual Condition and the Improvement of Labor Human Rights of Youth

Cho Hei Kyung (Professor, Hongik University⋅Bae Jung Ho, Judicial Research and Training Institute 41st)

Future of Public Attorney from Law School

Sul Kwang Ho (Attorney of Korea Investment & Securities. Co., LTD., Executive Director of Compliance Center)

Role and Prospect of In-House Counsel as a Compliance Officer

Kim Nam Hi (Attorney of Public Human Rights Center, People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy)

The Case of Sex Change

Oh Sun Yeong (Research Professor, Yonsei Legal Institute)

The  Legality of Processes and Production Methods under the GATT

Hong Seung Gi (President of Law Firm Shin Wu and Law Academy of Entertainment, Actor)

Inroad Preparation and Prospect of Entertainment Attorney

Song Yong Sub (Attorney, Legal Division of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions)

Forming and Roll of Union

Lee Ju Chun (Patent Attorney, China)

The Outline of IP Policy in China

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